You can purchase plants directly from the following CSSQ members:


Marie D’Alton

Mostly succulents, especially Echeveria.
Phone    (07) 3371 3707 – Brisbane

Darby and Sue Wilson

Large variety of cacti and succulents, also sell at Cabarlah and Nanango markets.
Phone    (07) 4698 7980 Highfields (Toowoomba)

Kathleen Henderson

Assorted cacti and succulents

(02) 6680 1609 – Billinudgel, NSW

Terry Tierney 

Specialises in succulents, particularly caudiciforms (eg. Adenium, Pachypodium)
View    ttSucculentsNow.docx   (Updated 3 Oct 2017)

Merv Whitehouse

Large variety of cacti and succulents. Also sells at CSSQ meetings and from home.
Phone    (07) 3288 1949 – Brisbane

Ruth Higgins

Echeverias, Haworthias and other succulents.
Phone    (07) 3802 1615
Mobile    0412 426 823

Greg Daniels  

Living Stones, Split Rocks,and other mesembs Lithops, Glottiphyllum, Acrodon, Titanopsis, Conophytum, Cheiridopsis, Schwantesia, Bergeranthus, Aloinopsis, Tanquana, Frithia, Fenestraria, Neohenricia, Pleiospilos plus many other genera as well as ground covering plants.
For current list:
Phone    (07) 3376 3404

Alice Daniels

Epiphytic Cacti, Epicactus, Hatiora, Lepismium, Rhipsalis, Schlumbergera, Zygocactus, Epiphyllum.
For current list:
Phone   (07) 3376 3404